Nanofor is the latest innovative product developed by the Fantoni Research Centre within the Acoustic Panelling division.

In order to expand the range of perforated sound-deadening systems and make the panel visually ever “lighter”, Fantoni has introduced microperforation of the panel, giving it enhanced acoustic performance and an attractive appearance.

This is a sound-deadening panel made with low formaldehyde emission (class E1) MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). The nano-perforations have a diameter of 0.5 mm on 2 x 2 pitch (250,000 holes per m2) on the front of the panel and a diameter of 5 mm on 16 x 8 pitch on the back.

Together with high acoustic performance, all the advantages are on the surface: this discrete and elegant system provides surfaces with a seamless appearance and allows custom design of spaces, using both melamine and veneered  finishes.


600600x16mm, 1200x600x16mm, 4054x592x16mm, 3840x592x16mm, 1920x592x16mm, 1280x592x16mm, 960x592x16mm

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